Rental of complete web solutions with mobile applications

cOMMING SOON will bring you a fully responsive website with the ability to connect your project with iOS and Android mobile applications. Part of your future projects is hosting on servers with Litespeed technology. CDN and SSL Certificate are included in the price of your project.

Why start with

Here are some key reasons to use our services. You will find all the details as soon as the project starts!

Fast website

All of our sites have been meticulously optimized to provide your users and visitors with the greatest possible experience. CDN (content delivery network) makes your website accessible to users worldwide. Because the data centers we utilize are located all over the world, your visitors will experience a speedy website no matter where they are!

Google search engines, by the way, adore speed!


All of our web solutions are secure, ensuring that your data is always protected and that your website is always accessible. DDOS assaults, Phishing, Ransomware, SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, Code injection, CEO fraud and impersonation, Viruses and worms, Spyware, and other threats are all prevented.


Because we do not utilize shared hosting and all of our servers are dedicated, you will not have to share your hardware resources and will have the quickest website possible. Your new website’s basic hosting includes unlimited bandwidth, 100GB SSD storage, data centers around the world, 100 email boxes, and is ideal for 25,000 unique visitors each month (this is not a limit, only a recommendation). You can upgrade your hosting plan at any time.

You’ll also receive a free domain, CDN, and SSL certificate!

Rank Math SEO

Are you unsure about SEO optimization? No worries. Rank Math SEO is installed on your new website, and it will advise you exactly what to do and how to enhance it. Rank Math SEO offers a wealth of knowledge to assist you in getting your project to the top of the search engines!

Rank Math is the most effective method for adding the BEST SEO tools to your website.


E-commerce solutions have been integrated on all sites. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to begin selling. Your customers can buy actual things, virtual products, or subscriptions. With our e-commerce system, you can do whatever you can think of! You have a plethora of marketing options, an inventory overview, and a complete study of your customers’ activity! And a lot more!


On your future project, you will find implemented design blogs and magazines in which you can publish your great and original content. You can create a magazine to which other users will contribute. Have you wanted to have your own interactive cookbook with thousands of recipes? Yes, it is possible. Have a fashion magazine to which thousands of people will contribute? Yes, it is possible.

It is possible to do anything you can!


In our solution, you can choose how much you want to customize your site. It is up to you whether you modify only individual elements and content, or you modify the entire site from the colors to the fonts used and the layout of individual elements. With our solution, you can customize the entire site!


Your new website is linked to Google and you can easily track traffic data with google analytics, at any time you can find out how fast your site is fast, immediately find out how your content is doing and if you meet the conditions of Google, you can start monetizing your site with google adsense and increase the profitability of your project. If you are interested in monetization using a service other than adsence, we will be happy to arrange this for you at your online request to our support team.

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Add mobile apps for iOS and Android to your website.

Every decent store should have a mobile application, but as is customary, establishing a mobile application and subsequent upkeep are both quite expensive. This issue has been resolved for you! We have developed mobile applications for all of our projects, which we will tailor to your brand and the design you have selected for your project. We will take care of all of the necessities for you, as well as your mobile apps.

You may, of course, monetize your mobile applications with Google AdSense.

lower cost of ownership

We are the most inexpensive and high-quality option on the market.

Josef Hrubý – CEO

Our modest pricing have no impact on the quality of your future project. You don’t have to spend a fortune establishing a sophisticated e-commerce system that includes a virtual magazine, mobile applications, and a user base. We’ve already done everything for you, and we’re now bringing you these solutions as a lease of our online projects, but the leasing of our website is only getting started. Your website will be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a team of specialists who will ensure that everything works properly and that you can have a decent night’s sleep throughout our collaboration.

large enough to serve you, yet small enough to get to know you

As an international startup, we are a varied collection of people from many nations across the world who have set the goal of providing you with the finest and most affordable services on the market. When you work with us, you will always interact with a person, not a machine. We can solve any query or problem!

Utilize our unique affiliate program to collaborate with us.

Join our unique affiliate program as an affiliate partner. Create a portfolio of clients for whom you will be responsible. To gratify your customer, you will have a plethora of instruments at your disposal.

“If the client is pleased, we will be satisfied!” is our slogan.

Learn more when the project officially launches in late summer/early autumn.

starting plan

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per month

Ideal for new business ventures. This website will shortly contain all information regarding what this application provides!

Advanced plan

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per month

Excellent for e-commerce projects. There are no product limits, and this program can accommodate up to 500,000 unique visits each month. This website will shortly contain all information regarding what this application provides!

Pro plan

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per month

For large projects with a significant volume of traffic. For e-commerce sites with a huge number of items. There are no product restrictions, and this program can handle up to 2,000,000 unique visits each month. This page will shortly have all of the details on what this application offers!