Complete web solutions with mobile applications are available for rent.

coming soon provides a fully responsive website with the possibility to integrate your project with iOS and Android mobile apps. Hosting on Litespeed servers will be part of your future projects. Your project’s price includes a CDN and an SSL certificate.

Why should you begin with

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use our services. You will be informed of all details as soon as the project begins!

Fast website

All of our sites have been meticulously optimized to deliver the greatest possible user and visitor experience. A CDN (content delivery network) makes your website accessible to users worldwide. Your visitors will enjoy a speedy website no matter where they are because the data centers we use are located all over the world!

Google search engines, by the way, adore speed!


Our web solutions are all safe, ensuring that your data is always secure and your website is always accessible. DDOS attacks, phishing, ransomware, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, code injection, CEO impersonation and fraud, viruses and worms, spyware, and other risks are all avoided.


You won’t have to share your hardware resources because we don’t use shared hosting and all of our servers are dedicated, and you’ll have the quickest website possible. Basic website hosting provides unlimited bandwidth, 100GB SSD storage, global data centers, 100 email inboxes, and is suitable for 25,000 unique visitors per month (not a limit, just a recommendation). You have the option to upgrade your hosting plan at any moment.

In addition, you will receive a free domain, CDN, and SSL certificate!

Rank Math SEO

Are you unsure about SEO optimization? Not to worry. Rank Math SEO will install on your new website and advice you on how to improve it. Rank Math SEO provides a lot of expertise to assist you in getting your project to the top of search engines!

Rank Math will assist you in creating SEO-friendly material so that your project appears more frequently and in higher positions in search engines.


On all sites, e-commerce systems have been implemented. It is absolutely up to you whether or not to begin selling. Customers can purchase physical items, virtual products, or subscriptions from you. With our e-commerce system, you can do whatever you want! You have a plethora of marketing alternatives at your disposal, as well as an inventory overview and a comprehensive study of your clients’ activities! And a lot more!


You will find completed design blogs and magazines on your future project where you may publish your amazing and original material. You can start a magazine and invite other users to contribute to it. Do you want your very own interactive cookbook with thousands of recipes? Yes, it is conceivable. Do you plan to publish a fashion magazine to which thousands of people will contribute? Yes, it is conceivable.

Everything is feasible!


You can modify your site to your liking with our solution. It is entirely up to you whether you alter only individual pieces and content or the entire site, including colors, fonts, and element layout. With our solution, you may modify your complete website!


Your new website is linked to Google, and you can simply watch traffic data using Google Analytics. You will instantly know how fast your site is, and if you match Google’s standards, you may begin monetizing your website with Google AdSense and boost the profitability of your project. If you want to monetize with a service other than Adsense, please contact our support team online and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Connect your website to iOS and Android mobile apps.

Every reputable business should have a mobile app, however as is customary, developing and maintaining a mobile app is rather costly. This issue has been resolved for you! We have created mobile applications for all of our projects that are tailored to your brand and the design you have chosen for your project. We handle all of the fundamentals for you, including your mobile apps.

Of course, Google AdSense may be used to monetise your mobile apps.

Friendly price

We are the most affordable and high-quality alternative on the market.
Josef Hruby - managing director of

Our low prices have no bearing on the quality of your next project. A complex e-commerce system with a virtual magazine, mobile apps, and a user base does not have to cost a fortune to set up. We’ve already done everything for you, and we’re now offering these answers to you as our online project rental, but that’s just the beginning. A team of specialists will monitor your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that everything functions properly and that you may sleep comfortably throughout our collaboration.

Large enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you!

As an international startup, we are a varied group of people from all over the world who have made it their mission to serve you with the best and most economical services available. You will always interact with a human, not a machine, when you deal with us. We can answer any inquiry or solve any problem!

Use our unique affiliate program to work with us.

Join our unique affiliate program as an affiliate partner. Create a portfolio of clients for which you will be responsible. You will have a plethora of tools at your disposal to satisfy your customer.